Updating pirated vista

13-Jul-2017 21:42

Last week, at the Win HEC (Windows Hardware Engineering Community) summit in China, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is expected to officially launch this summer.

It also stunned the tech world with news that even pirated versions of Windows will be eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows Environment and Registry Errors – Windows provides a tool called System Update Readiness Tool (SUR) that is used to create an environment for the service pack to install without any glitch.

This tool helps in replacing incorrect manifests, system files and registry data with the correct ones.

The best way to deal with this is to purchase and install an authentic version of Windows Vista on the system.

Third Party Boot Managers- If your system has dual boot option with a third party boot manager like GRUB, the Service pack installer will give errors.

"This suggests to me that keeping Windows 10 up-to-date going forward is not optional.

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There has also been some speculation that with Windows 10, automatic updates may not be optional for customers.This is because the service pack does not understand third-party boot managers.

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