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It opened in 1889, the year of the big Spokane fire that virtually destroyed the greater downtown area.

The store served faithfully (nearly a century) until 1988 when it was sold to the F&N (Frederick & Nelson) Acquisition Corporation.

Recently, Huntington Park situated on the south side of the falls was given a formal restoration with the installation of lawn, basaltic rock terraced gardens and assorted decorative plantings ~ creating a very inviting space for folks to not only view the cascading water, but stay a while and enjoy a picnic in the scenic spot. Cowles III were very influential members of the Spokane community. When I painted this piece, the generous, civic-minded family still owned and operated the paper.

This unique building in downtown Spokane was designed and built in 1890 after the Great Spokane Fire by Chauncey B. in 1909, and it has always been a stunning jewel in his architectural crown.

In 1959, my parents gave me an aluminum “Flying Saucer” for Christmas.

All of us kids had our “Flexible Flyer” sleds, but these metal discs were the latest thing!

This artwork portrayed the historic Vista House on a gorgeous sunny day with friends, family and a group of eager young S. It was constructed to blend with its stunning, natural setting.

My sisters and I each were presented to Spokane society on our father Joe’s arm. Looff finished this glittering merry-go-round in 1909, which was elaborate in every detail with dozens of multi-sized mirror panels and 180 sparkling lights.

) carried hundreds of riders in merry circles for decade upon decade in both Natatorium and Riverfront Parks. Too expensive for Nat at a price of ,000, Looff struck a special deal.

The boys played hockey and the girls twirled and skated backwards (we all dreamed of joining the “Ice Capades”). in the 1880s (used for many South Hill homes), when the clay deposits ran out, the Adam’s family (relatives of John Quincy Adams) donated 13 acres for Adams Park, later named for real estate developer A. This work is filled with family and friends ~ including the Roberts, Mc Carthy and Shelledy kids.

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The Shelledys lived in the brick two-story shown overlooking the pond.

THE BEGINNING ~ Nearly 150 years ago, the first white settler to stake a claim in Spokane Falls ("Falls" was later dropped) was Seth Scranton in 1871. Glover is credited as being the "Father of Spokane" as he shaped the area that bordered the falls on both sides into a town. We were both born here, although Doug grew up on Bellevue's Clyde Hill neighborhood.

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