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Dermot O'Leary returned as host of Big Brother's Little Brother weekdays on Channel 4 and Sunday lunchtime.

On E4, live coverage once again dominated its daily and nightly schedule, Nominations Uncut and Diary Room Uncut also returned.

For the second year, open auditions were used to select housemates.

The eye logo appeared to have two eyes in one, with one eye being black and the eye in the foreground being blue.

He took the money which meant eventual winner Anthony won the same amount as Eugene.

E4 broadcast a programme titled What The Housemates Did Next, which included all housemates rather than just the finalists.

For the first time, an American-style refrigerator was utilised, giving the housemates more space for food and located next to the store-room.

However, the glass wall that allowed housemates to view the bedroom from the living area was disguised as a mirror to ensure that viewers would not be able to count how many housemates would be in the House.

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House designer Patrick Watson described the design as "[A]spirational and yet not wildly practical." Although the House is still quite small, light pale colours and high camera angles give the viewer the impression that the House is larger than it actually is.When Orlaith voluntarily left weeks later, Kinga who was the third housemate from the Secret Garden re-entered the house.